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About Us

Digitization is the new future towards increased efficiency and productivity. DEX DATA is India's Leading Document Digitization & Management Company.

We are equipped with the latest high speed scanner to provide fast, high quality and cost-effective document scanning service in Mumbai and across India.
Is your organization facing a similar problem? Has storing data in hard copies become an expensive proposition for business? Is your critical business information lost amidst papers, files or cabinets?

DEX DATA Document Scanning and Digitization Services

Document scanning in other words is document imaging the process of capturing documents and converting them to digital format via document scanner. Our standard policy is to use the best industrial document scanner for a business document, government record, legal records, book scanning, medical record, educational record, and many more, for easy-search & access, quick retrieve, and distribute the necessary information.

  • Document Digitization
  • Indexing and Archiving
  • Document and Shredding
  • PDF scanning
  • Data Entry Services

DEX DATA'S Document Scanning Services

Financial Scanning

Converting finance documents into digital format improves security, efficiency, compliance , saves space, time and money.

Legal Documents

Converting all legal records in digital format allows you to search view, manage and distribute important documents with ease.

Human Resources

HR department tends to be paper-intensive and it is tedious to manage it in physical format- that is where DEXDATA comes in.

Media & Publishing

We are experts at creating digital-archives of magazines, newspapers photos, film, and more for publishing companies.

Medical Documents

Ease of retrieving information from the scanned medical, patient records if they are in digital format.

Booklet Scanning & Binding

Digitizing a variety of Newsletters, Recipe Booklets, Instruction Manuals, Reference Guides, Portfolios Coil/Spiral Binding and Saddle Stitched.

Experience that builds TRUST !

We have been in this domain for more than a decade !!

Our presence ensures that you can trust us for scraping, scanning, capturing and uploading data. Our professional qualities attract you to stay connected with us for a long time. It helps your business to reach a great height. This trust gradually builds up loyalty. We always see it in offshore and onshore scanning partners.

Over time, we have opted in advanced and upgraded tools and techniques. They automate our support & serviced without any seam. This consistent practice keeps us tied in a strong business relationship or for being loyal.

What Are We Reknowned For??
Document Security

DEX DATA Process and workflow gives you assured safety and security of your documents.

Document Shredding

DEX DATA Offers services of bulk document shredding for any type of documents.

Document Management

DEX DATA Provides enterprises with the capability to digitally capture and convert documents and files.

Archiving & Indexing

DEX DATA Organizes and indexes your data according to your specific business needs.

Document Security

DEX DATA Process and workflow gives you assured safety and security of your documents.

On-Site Scanning

DEX DATA Digitizes your documents without them leaving your office.

Cost Effective Solutions

DEX DATA Provides top document scanning and management solutions under one virtual roof.

100% Assured Accuracy

DEX DATA Uses double-key entries and proprietary methodologies for processing precision.

24/7 Live Support

DEX DATA Is here 24/7 for your support and help with your queries !